Tree Trimming 

A Atlantic Tree Service care for your trees. Especially, when it comes to our pruning services and tree trimming. Not only, do we service Chesapeake. But also, Virginia Beach, Norfolk & Portsmouth, VA..

Tree Trimming Chesapeake, Virginia

A Atlantic, Tree M.D.

Trees are like every other living thing. For example, they can suffer from diseases and damage that can shorten their life expectancy. In urban and suburban areas, trees are often chosen because of their rapid growth characteristics. However, these trees typically do not live as long as those that grow more slowly.

Preservation First

Our company understands that, in most cases, you prefer to save your mature trees. This, is why our tree service offers expert advice on preservation. At the same time, when it comes time for removal, our experts are here.

We provide a wide variety of tree preservation and removal services, including:
• Tree Trimming • Storm Damage Care • Dead Wood Removal • Pruning • Cabling & Bracing

Pruning and Trimming in Hampton Roads Virginia

Pruning & Trimming

Tree pruning increases air circulation. And, it effectively helps prevent disease and insect problems. Trimming helps control the height and spread of a tree. As well as, reducing stress to the base of the tree. Which allows for a stronger root system.

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