Tree Removals

Tree stump from a tree felled by A Atlantic tree removals in Chesapeake.For expert tree removal & stump grinding, trust A Atlantic Tree Service. Not only, do we service Chesapeake. But also, Virginia Beach, Norfolk & Portsmouth, VA.. From your unwanted shrubs to the largest of trees. Our courteous, fully trained crews are here for you. Above all, if you have felled, fallen or standing trees. We have the equipment to get the job done. Including, our company owned crane. Which, safely removes trees from any location. Specifically, in limited space with ease. Moreover, we can handle your tree removals

Damaged Trees

Do you have trees that have suffered severe damage? Particularly, from high winds, lightning strikes or insects. Not to mention, those that are nearing the end of their life expectancy. These trees should be removed. For the purpose of, protecting people. But also, buildings, other trees and vegetation surrounding them.

Tree Preservation Specialists

Are the health of your trees in question? If so, our tree service's licensed and highly trained tree preservation specialists can help you. We will determine the best course of action depending on the age, location and physical condition of your trees.

Stump Grinding Complement to Your Tree Removals

Stump grinding is the perfect complement to your tree removals. We will leave your land looking clean and clear. As well as, grinding your stumps away.

Service you Expect for your Tree Removals

Our company always has an owner or partner on site with our crews. In addition, we will ensure you receive the service you expect for tree removals. Moreover, from a quality company. Furthermore, as homeowners ourselves. We understand what it means to take care of a home. Therefore, we will  treat your home as if it were our own.

A Company That Cares

A Atlantic Tree Service gives their employees paid holidays. Including, sick days, and vacation days. Most of our crew has been with us for years. Moreover, our employees can be counted on with any project.

Service with Pride

Reliable tree removals

We are one of Hampton Roads most trusted tree services. Additionally, we take pride in what we do. Our customers can count on us. Especially, for quality services at fair prices. In addition, our crews are highly trained and fully licensed. Moreover, we are committed to providing safe and reliable tree removals. Which, also includes preservation. Furthermore, we have the highest level of customer service available.

There is no tree removal or storm damage challenge too complex.

We have the experience and equipment to:

• Do the Job Right • Do the Job Safely • Do the Job Efficiently • Do the Job to Your Complete Satisfaction


How Much Do Tree Companies Charge Per Hour?

  • The average hourly rate for a tree service can range from $125 to $300. Although, hourly rates can depend on the type of tree service needed.

What Do Tree Service Companies Do?

  • Not only, do tree service companies provide removals. But also, cutting, pruning, stump grinding, tree trimming and more.

How Do You Price A Tree Job?

  • So many things go into pricing a tree job. Such as, the type of tree work. Also, size and accessibility etc.. Probably the most important aspect is its surroundings. In particular, is the tree near a building, fence, front yard or back yard etc.. Moreover, most tree companies will do a "Free Estimate".

Can I get my tree removed for free?

  • The power company may trim or remove trees that are near or over power lines. Also, here are some other ideas on how to get your tree removed for free.

Free Estimate for your Tree Removals in Norfolk

Request a free estimate from us. We service Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk & Portsmouth, VA.. Call, to learn more about our tree service.

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Quality Tree Removals

Contact us at A Atlantic Tree Service for more information. In fact, you can learn more about our tree services by calling us at (757) 547-7878 today. We look forward to providing quality tree removal services. As well as, keeping it at an affordable price. Get your free estimate. Expert tree services in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, VA., Norfolk, VA. and the nearby areas.